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Kites United (Way) for a Cause

Helping to solve Homelessness in Hudson County

Kites United (Way) for a Cause

United Way Board of Members event for a cause.


In sponsorship with TD Bank and Mack-Cali, United Way of Hudson County hosted its Kites United (Way) for a Cause on the waterfront of Jersey City. The Kites United (Way) for a cause managed by our Board of Directors. Their intention was to help solve the homelessness in Hudson County.

Close to $3,000 was raised towards our homeless veterans’ project ultimately towards our mission to help end homelessness in Hudson County.

We would like to thank our proud supporters for making this event a success. A very special thanks to Mack-Cali and TD Bank for sponsoring the event. Thanks to Hudson County Community College and Barbara A. Netchert, Hudson County Clerk for sponsoring the box lunches. We would like to thank the schools in Hudson County who came together to support the cause.

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